Setting up FIO for a Labjack U6

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Hi, I am sorry, I feel like I should be able to resolve this from other posts, but it is not working for me. I am reading a voltage input on 6 AIN channels (Ch# 0-5) and I want to have a 5 volt output on 6 DACs (Ch# 0-5) depending on the corresponding AIN. I have a U6 Pro with a CB37 terminal board on which I have connected 3 LJTick DACs. I have figured out as much as that I need to run a sequence to define my 6 channels. Can anyone help me with that?  As simple as possible preferably. Thanks.

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First get it so you can manually control the Tick DACs.  I'm pretty sure there is sample code on the LabJack website.  After you have that working, then you can put the desired code in the Event for the appropriate channel.  Event's are code in channels that get executed every time the channel gets a new value.  You get to them by expanding CHANNlELS: in the workspace, clicking on a specific channel, then selecting the Events tab.



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