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windows 10 is blocking the option to save log file .

sometime its help to open the project as administrator but its not always work .

for example when we are opening the Example project "MODBUS PRO " its not let us save the data .


usualy we are puting the project on the Startup menue and we need the project to work when the computer starton 

how we can do is automaticly as Administrator ? is there why to solved the saving issue ?

BTW its not meter if its system with AVS , AVAST , windows defender 




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This actually has more to do with default security settings for folders in Windows 10, along with changes in how DAQFactory installs.  By default, the DAQFactory installation folder (and most of its subfolders) are marked read-only to non-admins.  Simply running as Admin doesn't get you past this.  So, you have to go the folder you are trying to log to in Windows Explorer, and change the security on that folder to allow Everyone to write to the folder.

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