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Your best bet would be to use a service such as to do this.  With that product you'd have to create separate HMI screens for the web, but they will work more efficiently and across all devices.

Alternatively, you could program DAQFactory to take screenshots of pages, then upload them to a webserver.  Sending commands back to DAQFactory would be slightly harder, but is best implemented using a pull mechanism, meaning DAQFactory queries the server at some interval to see if there are commands to perform.  You do not want to open up the system running DAQFactory to the Internet as that is just asking for security problems.  Not because DAQFactory is more insecure than anything else, but because opening up the system to the Internet exposes the system to attacks on all levels, the most likely being on the OS and probably DoS type attacks (even if they are unintentional). 

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Screenshots are done with:


Uploading can be done through the FTP. commands, or possibly other solutions (shell commands?).  Depends on what you are doing.

Download data from the web is done with:


Note that most of these functions require DAQFactory Pro.


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Not sure where you are going with this.   The Real Time Web feature only works with the DAQConnect service and their servers.  You can't point it to your own computer as you don't have a DAQConnect server.

How did you get the Object Not Found errors?  What Help file were you trying to look at?

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