Missing data from CSV file.


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I am logging a number of hall-effect sensors over a 24 hour period. Everything seems to be going fine except that at seemingly random periods DF seems to miss recording date.

The timing is the default 1 second and I am using ASC712 hall effect sensors monitoring four DC current streams on AIN0, AIN1, AIN2, AIN3

I really don't know why this is happening and I've looked at it several times now.

Should I use averaging?


I've done the same thing with an Arduino and everything works well enough but our T7 Pro and Daqfactory seems to be a problem.

Any ideas?


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Thanks for getting back to me.

I adjusted the time-stamp / timing as you suggest above but all it did was produce a different pattern.

All was well up to around 4500 rows of 1 second logging then it started logging twice for each second... one full row and then a blank row with just the time stamp.

I'm really not trying to do anything complicated here. Just reading my sensors once per second.

Windows 7 professional, I7 processor, nothing else running to take or intefer with the memory.

Do you think it is a buffer problem because the fault repeats itself at around the same position each time we restart the logfile.

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We increased the number from 0.7 to 0.99 but we are still getting lots of errors after around 4500 seconds/lines of data.

It goes from a nice even one second count up to around 4500 lines to doubling the second count with the second line blank with just the repeated timestamp.

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