Creating new device / channel.AddValue

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I tried to create anew device, following the instructions in the Serial / Ethernet Communications Gude.


The instrument delivers severel values in an ASCII string. I want towrit two of this values in channels, as described in the guide.

But only the valu for channel 0 is written. The channel.AdddValue command does not work (See listing below)

Of course the channel is created as channel 1, device 0.


Any hints?

Best regards


if (Channel != 0)

//Control debug output (all lines with ?)
System.SequencePrint = 1

//Data aquisition
private string datain = Poll("ACT",13)

//Replace double blanks
datain = replace(datain,"  "," ")
? "datain = " + datain

// Write temperature to channel 1
Channel.AddValue(strDevice,0,"GetData1",1,StrToDouble(Parse(datain,4," ")))
? "strDevice = " + strDevice
? "Temperature = " + Parse(datain,4," ")

//Write pH Value (to Channel 0)
? "pH Value = " + Parse(datain,3," ")
return (StrToDouble(Parse(datain,3," ")))

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Hello  Guru,

datain is the string where the output from the device is stored. The values are separated by one or two blanks . Therefore the unnecessary blanks are eliminated with the replace statement.

Most of the other statements are only for testing purposes to see whether the values are read correctly.

I found the error meanwhile: one has to use ""; i found this in an other post in the forum; but initially it didn't work for me, because the *.ddp file with the device definition is stored in the "c:\windows\program files (x86)\DAQFactory" directory. With windows 7 changes are only stored when you run DAQFactory as Adminstrator.

Best regards



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Yes, that is because Windows made the program files folder read only unless run as admin.

And right, inside the protocol script for an iotype, there is a local variable created called "Channel" that is passed in corresponding to the channel # in your channel.  So, it gets confused and uses that variable instead of the global Channel object.

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