Timeout and ID Mismatch: Reading DXM100 controller via COM port


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I am trying to read register value from Banner DXM 100 controller.

I created COM port serial connection- 19200,8, none, 1, 1000ms.

When I am trying to read register 2 using Channel # as 2(also tried 40003), I am getting P-ModbusRTU 0010: Timeout error on every read and P-ModbusRTU 0014: ID Mismatch error after several reads.

I am trying to read every 2 seconds with offset 0. Port monitor and channel details look something like the image below:



I have tried 'n number of ways to read the register value, by changing- modbus ID(on the device and Daqfactory), baud rate, channel#, timing, offset, I/O type, device timeout(to 2000ms) etc. but no luck.

Has someone encountered such issue before and can help me?





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DAQFactory is the master because it is making the queries.  The device is the slave because it only responds to queries.  It won't say anything unless asked.  That device supports several different protocols, and typically you have to configure the device for the protocol you want as you can't talk multiple protocols on the same port.

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You don't want DAQFactory to be the slave.

Possibly, but the radio isn't responding to DAQFactory queries except occasionally, and then the response doesn't look to me like a Modbus, that's why I think its either a comm setting issue, or the device isn't setup to be a Modbus slave, but instead a different protocol.

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The problem was with my Controller I (stupid) was using.

There are different type of DXM100 devices which can be found here- https://www.bannerengineering.com/us/en/products/wireless-sensor-networks/wireless-controllers/industrial-wireless-controller-dxm-series.html?pageNum=1&sort=4#all

I was using DXM100 B1C1 which doesn't support Radio Communication.

I switched to DXM100 B1R2 which supports Modbus Radio Communication and I am now able to read and write registers successfully using Daqfactory.




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