Scheduling, Simultaneous sequences.


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I have a huge application with multiple sequences and functions(sequences).

Now in the same application I want to add scheduling part(set value to a channel at certain days of the week).

Eg: User will select days of week and a time. I want to set a value to a channel when system clock hits the user selected day and time.

I am planning to do it with a sequence using while loop and waituntil function.

So, I wanted to know is it possible to run multiple sequences simultaneously in Daqfactory? 

I have one startup sequence currently, so after adding the scheduling part can I make multiple sequence to run at startup and keep running one in while loop without affecting other operations it is supposed to do?

Or is there any other efficient way I can perform an action for certain days of the week at a specified time?


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That's what I wanted to know.

Thanks for the info, I can now see multiple sequences running simultaneously.

I have couple similar sequences which uses while loop to runs everyday morning at 1 am (waituntil(1h + 86400)) and waits until the user given time eg, 16h to set value to a channel and wait again until the next day for user inputted time. It is a simple sequence not doing much stuff.

So my question is what priority should I assign to such sequences running 24 hrs with other sequences and functions concurrently.


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