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Hello All,

I have some questions about DAQFactory and I needed some help. I hope this is the correct place to post my question. I was recently asked to start helping out another person in my group and was asked to get DAQFactory to connect to another device that we use called Picarro. I am having a bit of trouble understanding how everything works together as I am very new to DAQFactory and my programming skills come up short. What I am trying to do is take the information (e.g. NH3 data) from the Picarro and display it on a Page. With some help we were able to get the DAQFactory to receive information from the Picarro in the following form:

Displayed in the Comm Monitor window (this information is the various data from the Picarro):



Rx: 23.386;23.179;23.153;23.327;0.000;0.708;0.000\010



Displayed in the Command/Alert window:



23.386", "23.179", "23.153", "23.327", "0.000", "0.708", "0.000




This is the code we are using:

device.Picarro.Write("_Meas_GetConc" + Chr(13))

Global string Data_In = device.picarro.readuntil(10)

? Data_In

Global string Data_Parsed = parse(Data_In,-1,";")

? Data_Parsed

Global Data_Value = strtodouble(Data_Parsed[4])

? Data_Value


I created a Channel called Picarro and other channels below that for each item we would like information from the Picarro (e.g. NH3 data, Pressures, Temp, etc.) although I am not sure if I set these up correctly. I could use some advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance for the help.



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My issue has been resolved thanks to a coworker and Matt at Azeotech. Thanks again for all the help!

Below is the code I used to get our Picarro to talk to DAQFactory.



   device.Picarro.Write("_Meas_GetConc" + Chr(13))
   private string Data_In = device.picarro.readuntil(13)
   private string Data_Parsed = parse(Data_In,-1,";")
   private Data_Value = strtodouble(Data_Parsed)



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