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Install fails on Windows 7

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Today I tried to move a project to a new computer and I can't seem to install DAQFactory.  The computer I want to use runs Windows 7 pro.  I downloaded the latest DAQFactory installer, DAQFactoryInst_17_1.exe  When I try to run it the installer splash screen comes up and I get an error "DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install."  The user account has administrator privileges on that computer.  I tried to right click the installer and run as administrator but I get the same thing, splash screen then privileges error.  I tried to right click, go to file properties, Compatibility, and set the file Privilege Level to "Run this program as an administrator."  Same error.  I moved the installer file to a directory C:\temp that is set so all users have full access to read, write, or modify.  Same error.

I don't really know what to look for in the log file.  Near the end of the log file I see this (where xx:xx: is the timestamp):

Action xx:xx:xx:LaunchConditions. Evaluating Launch Conditions
Action start xx:xx:xx: LaunchConditions. DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install
MSI(c) (24:14) [XX:XX....] Product: DAQFactory -- DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install.

Action ended xx:xx:xx: LaunchConditions. Return value 3.
MSI(C) (24:14) [xx:xx...] Doing action: FatalError"


Any ideas why this is happening?  Is there some other way to set administrator privileges?  What is LaunchConditions 3 and does that tell me anything beyond the privileges error?


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Hmm, that is very odd.  No direct ideas.  Any chance I can remote into your system at some point and see?  Just email us direct at support@

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