Install fails on Windows 7


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Today I tried to move a project to a new computer and I can't seem to install DAQFactory.  The computer I want to use runs Windows 7 pro.  I downloaded the latest DAQFactory installer, DAQFactoryInst_17_1.exe  When I try to run it the installer splash screen comes up and I get an error "DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install."  The user account has administrator privileges on that computer.  I tried to right click the installer and run as administrator but I get the same thing, splash screen then privileges error.  I tried to right click, go to file properties, Compatibility, and set the file Privilege Level to "Run this program as an administrator."  Same error.  I moved the installer file to a directory C:\temp that is set so all users have full access to read, write, or modify.  Same error.

I don't really know what to look for in the log file.  Near the end of the log file I see this (where xx:xx: is the timestamp):

Action xx:xx:xx:LaunchConditions. Evaluating Launch Conditions
Action start xx:xx:xx: LaunchConditions. DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install
MSI(c) (24:14) [XX:XX....] Product: DAQFactory -- DAQFactory requires administrative privileges to install.

Action ended xx:xx:xx: LaunchConditions. Return value 3.
MSI(C) (24:14) [xx:xx...] Doing action: FatalError"


Any ideas why this is happening?  Is there some other way to set administrator privileges?  What is LaunchConditions 3 and does that tell me anything beyond the privileges error?


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Yes, because so many people are always logged in on admin accounts (I certainly am right now), the folks at Microsoft decided to make it so some actions are not allowed, by default, for the admin, and require you to explicitly say "run as administrator" or acknowledge the action.  If you don't, then even if you are logged in as an admin, the user level application, in this case DAQFactory, does not get full administrator access unless you explicitly allowed it by doing "run as administrator"


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