Inline if within variable value set to action

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Is it possible to use an inline if to enter one of two possible values within a variable value component action?

So for example I have a variable value component that I use an inline if to select display of one of two values. I would like to be able to use the action side to enter the value as the same variable selected in the inline if statement used within the main expression.  I tried to use the set to selection and enter the iff in the action channel but it's not writing the expected result. 

Can I write a sequence that will take the output of the popup box and use the quick sequence action? Sort of like using the value part of a conversion? 



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I'm not quite sure what you are doing, but as an alternative to the Set To action you can use a quick sequence and the system.EntryDialog() function.  Something like:

private datain = system.EntryDialog("Enter some data:", minVal, maxVal)
if (!isempty(datain))
   outputVar = datain

minVal and maxVal are optional.

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