Ethernet TX but no RX


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I'm connecting a PEAK Ethernet CAN gateway to DF.  I have the IP and Port # set properly, and can use a sequence to format an Ethernet packet that successfully triggers a CAN frame with my data to be sent.  I can observe the Ethernet packet in WireShark and see the frame go out the door properly from DF and this also shows in the Monitor window as a TX:   My issue is that when the PEAK Can Gateway sends a packet back to the IP address of the PC running DF, and same port number configured in DF, I get no RX: in the Monitor window, and can't read any bytes.  I can observe the packet in WireShark, so the PEAK device is sending proper packets to the right address and port.  Does DF somehow listen to Ethernet traffic on a different port from what's configured?  Where else can I look or test?

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You might just need to reinitialize the ethernet port.  The easiest way is to simply open the configuration window where you set the IP, then click OK.  

Also, do you have DAQFactory setup as the client or an Ethernet server?

Do you by chance have a DLL with that device that you could use instead of direct Ethernet?

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