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In my project, I'd like to read the serial streams of more than one serial COM port at a time. I tried to make two separate serial objects in the device configuration, but I cannot open more than one at time. Is it possible to open two COM ports in DAQFactory in one project simultaneously?

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Hi. The problem I'm seeing is this:

I have two devices plugged into USB ports of my computer that are acting as serial ports, device A and device B. Device A connects as COM2 (for example) and device B connects as COM3. In my DAQFactory project, I make one device called mydeviceA and assign it to COM2. I make a second device, mydeviceB and assign it to COM3. When I go back to the menu settings for mydeviceA (to look at the raw serial stream, for example), I see that it has also been assigned to COM3. What I would like is for mydeviceA to read/write the stream from COM2 and mydeviceB to read/write the stream from COM3 all from the same project.



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Hi. Thanks for the response. I was going to send you a copy of my code, after reproducing the error but now it seems to work fine! I don't know what I did differently, but I'm able to open separate COM ports on the same DAQFactory project.


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