Hikvision IP and DF


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is there any way to get rtsp stream from IP surveilence camera ???

for example, I can get static picture from Hikvision IP camera ( Browser component)

http://user:password@    -> example for Hikvision IP, works OK

to get RTSP

rtsp://admin:password@  --> error Failed to load URL rtsp://admin:password@ with error (-302).

It's very useful when customer see live stream...

is there any way to get live stream to DF ??



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If RTSP isn't working in the browser component, you probably need a plugin.  Open Chrome on your system and see if that can access it.  Was the error 302 or -302?  302 means the server sent a redirect and you'll have to figure out where it sent it.  -302 isn't valid that I know of...

Also, why not use the http method?  You can just force a refresh every 0.1 seconds or so.


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there is -302 error...

Can you explain how to install that plugin in DF ?  VLC media player works fine with that link.

also what about http method ? 

here , 


I have static picture, so you mean to reload it very frequently ? how, in some sequence ?

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The plugin isn't for DAQFactory, but for the Chrome installation on that PC.

To refresh the browser component, just call the SetURL() function of the component:

component.myBrowser.SetURL("http://user:password@ ")

That may not work if the browser instead pulls from cache, so you might do something like:

private i
   component.myBrowser.SetURL("http://user:password@" + i)




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