DAQconnect and DF sequence variables

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Is the best way to make DF Sequence variables available to DAQconnect : -

1. Create a new channel (named e.g."LevelStatusDAQconn") using a dummy modbus device and then ticking the DAQconn box and filling out the  DCHst and DCintvl columns

2. In the applicable DF Sequence copy the actual variable to the channel "LevelStatusDAQconn" variable (i.e. LevelStatusDAQconn = LevelStatus)

Doing the above worked fine but I just wanted to check that this is the best way?

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Further to the above, the dummy modbus device was set to device  ID  D# 0

Or should I be using : -

daqconnect.addValue("tagName", value)


daqconnect.addValue("LevelStatusDAQconn", LevelStatus) ?



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I personally use daqconnect.addValue() for everything.  It gives me more control over exactly what data gets sent.  And in your case avoids a dummy channel.

I also use daqconnect.init() instead of using the menu, as it is more obvious what the data source is set to.  It also allows for programmatic change of the data source.

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