Modbus tcp and rtu master and slave

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On same project;

Can I use daqfactory modbus tcp server on port 502 and for example on port 503 with configuration two different protocol?

Same thing for rtu also; com1 modbus rtu master com2 modbus rtu slave


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You are talking about Modbus Master?  Then yes, it doesn't matter.  The ports are handled by the remote device. port 502 and port 503 are two completely different connection points so are no different than port 502 and port 502.  To connect to a device you need the IP and the port.  Any changes in either of these are a different connection, even though a change of port is still the same device.

I like to think of it like a telephone to an office building.  The IP address gets you to the main office line, and the port # is the extension.  So calling the telephone number (IP address) gets you to the right building (device), but you also need to know the extension (port) of the person (protocol) you want to talk to.  If your device has both 502 and 503 open and available to receive calls (sockets), then DAQFactory can certainly connect to both simultaneously using two different DAQFactory "ports" and "devices".


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