Certificate authority is invalid


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Suddenly one of my plants data upload has been stopped and when i check the below error is given when trying to upload. 

"Error send tags to server: the certificate authority is invalid or incorrect" 

screenshot is attached. 

Please let me know the reason.




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I checked and the DAQConnect SSL cert is valid.  It was actually just updated in February and doesn't expire for several years.  So, something changed on your Windows setup that invalidated the certificate authority.  You may have to add the authority manually.  Open DAQConnect.com in a browser, then view it's certificate and the CA associated with it, then add the CA to your store as valid.  You may have to search the web for the details on how to do this for your particular version of Windows.  

FYI: a certificate authority is a central, globally trusted site that your system contacts to verify that the DAQConnect cert is valid.  Its kind of like a tree.  I'm saying that I'm DAQConnect (my SSL) and you can ask the mayor (the CA) to confirm that.  The mayor says he's the mayor, and you can ask the state governor (the CA's CA) to confirm that.  The governor says he's the governor and you can ask the king to confirm that.  The king is know by everyone so doesn't need confirmation (or it is done a different way: outside my pay grade on how they confirm that).  Different website's SSL certs will have different paths to the king, and there are actually more than one king.  In your case, your system is telling you it thinks that the mayor is invalid or corrupt, so you need to tell it that the mayor is actually the mayor.


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