DAQFactory communicating with other HMI's

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I have been given the task of integrating DAQFactory with other HMI's (Weintek) on a system.

There are currently 6 communicating with each other over their global data transfer feature which is all working as it should.

What i need to do is have one of these screens send a signal to my DAQFactory program to then set a flag on its connected PLC.

In reverse order i also need to send an analog signal (flow meter) from my DAQFactory program to the Weintek screen.

Is this at all possible? any help would be very appreciated. 

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That would largely depend on the HMI.  That particular one has 3 serial ports, so if one wasn't in use you could connect that to the PC and communicate with DAQFactory over that connection.  But that is just the hardware layer.  The real question is what protocol does the HMI speak?  I couldn't find it on their website.  If it talks Modbus, you could setup DAQFactory as a Modbus master or Modbus slave (depending on which license of DAQFactory you have) and transfer that way.  That would be easiest, especially if the HMI can act as a Modbus Slave and DAQFactory can be the Modbus master.

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