Labjack U3HV and EI-1050 Temperature and Humidity Probe

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Let me start by saying, I am a relatively new user and need it "dumbed down."  I am having issues with getting DAQ Factory to work with an EI-1050 and U3HV.  The hardware works with the "Demo Software" that is downloadable from LabJack, but I cannot seem to get it to function (and read) with DAQ Factory(which is why I purchased it).  I have searched the forums, have tried everthing I have found, but still not working...I've included a photo of the wiring.  Also, not included in the photo is the analog connections on AIN0-AIN3, which are used for meter validations.  I would like to have the capability to log temp and pressure along with my analog inputs...


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6 hours ago, AzeoTech said:

Sorry, that image you posted isn't a real image.  It needs to be in a standard format.

Not real sure what happened there...I have attempted to attach it as a .pdf


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