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Hi, so i have a big table which will store hundreds of records. When i populate the table with all the data, the slider to scroll up and down is barely big enough to even click with a mouse. The main issue is that I will be planning on running DAQfactory on a small 7inch touch screen display, and i don't believe it will be possible to click the tiny slider in order to scroll up and down the table. Is it possible to resize the slider so its actually usable? I couldnt find anything in the userguide in section - Table Component.



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You can always just not use the built in slider and either use the separate Slider component, or another component (like up/down arrows) to scroll.  To do this, you need a variable with the top index, for example:

global tableTop = 0
global tableRowCount = 20

Then, in the table, you should subset all your columns:

myData[tableTop, tableTop + TableRowCount - 1]

Then, use a scroll bar component or other components to adjust the tableTop variable accordingly, limiting it to 0 to however many rows you have.

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