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Dear Guru ji,

It would be really usful if there was a table or list of special channel mumbers and their fuction or application that are put in the "Quick Note / Special /OPC"  column of the Channel Table.

At the very least for the various flavours of LAbJacks. I know its possible to find them by trawinf through the forums, but id would save a heap of time if they were all in one place either on thr forum or in a manual.



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There are actually very few times it is used as a command as it is largely left over from when DAQFactory had table driven sequences which was like 18 years ago.  It is used most often for the U12 driver as the U12 is equally old and its driver thus developed during the time before proper scripting.  The UE series devices I believe only use it for specifying the second input to use for differential analog inputs.  OPC uses it for specifying the actual OPC tag (thus the OPC part of its name) but usually you should use the OPC browser to pick it.  Other than that I can't really think of any other places a driver utilizes this field, thus the reason most people just use it for channel notes.

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