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We used to monitor network devices with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) over UDP type connection to the Ethernet devices. This was possible in older versions of DAQ Factory. 

Is there a way with the later versions of DAQ Factory to achieve the same? Note that we could not get the devices we are monitoring (e.g. the signal strength of a WLAN device) to work with TCP/IP.

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We had some issues with reliability in some cases so dropped UDP support.  The code is, however, still in there.  We just removed the button to allow you to add a new UDP connection.  So, you should be able to create a document in the older version with a UDP connection, then bring it forward to the new release and the port will still be there.  If your document is complex, we might be able to do this for you without you having to recreate your document.  Just email us the doc.  You would, however, need to be on the latest release.

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