Changing Component Background Colors from Status in PLC

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Hi - Sorry for the very simple question (which i'm sure has been covered before - no luck finding it though). But I'd like to change the background color of a Variable Value Component based on a  status tag from my PLC.

The expression in the Variable Value Component relates to the value displayed and the foreground/background colors? I'm not sure how I can isolate the foreground/background colors on a condition/event that DAQ isn't aware of and can happen at anytime.

I'm aware I'll probably need to do some scripting but am just beginning my exposure wtih DAQ.

Any help would be fantastic.

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You can't do it with one component without scripting.  It would be easiest to just use two components, a variable value one for the number, and then a Symbol component for the background.  Then move the symbol component behind the variable value one.  The symbol component works even if you don't have any symbols, provided you have colors specified.

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