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I've developed an application to work on a touchscreen. It works fine and when using a mouse the buttons depress up/down when they are 'clicked' ok. However when the operation is performed with a finger on the touchscreen the buttons don't generally go up/down. I've seen them move occassionally but generally they don't move. The button functions perfectly but it would be nice for the operators to get then response from the buttons. Any ideas?

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That has to do with how Windows sends mouse messages in a touch screen environment, or more to it, how the touchscreen driver does.  Either the MouseUp is coming so quickly after MouseDown that DAQFactory never gets a chance to draw the frame, or it is not sending a MouseDown at all.  More likely the first.  I don't have a good solution for you other than to check the touch screen driver software configuration for some sort of touch feedback.  Often you can get it to display something to confirm a click.  

You might improve the display by decreasing the Page's refresh rate.  The "box" is drawn as soon as you click, but is not erased until the screen refreshes.

You could also try using the DAQFactory OnLButtonDown and OnLButtonUp events described in 5.28 of the User's Guide.  You could then create your own feedback.

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