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Help logging a sequence of strings

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Using the Express version, we're trying to log a sequence of strings which are the output of several analyzers. 

We have set up Devices, Communications (serial by TCP and RS232), and Protocols, and loaded these into Channels at 1-sec intervals and various offsets.  When we track each channel through the Comm Monitor, we see the proper data string coming in for each Channel.

We then added a Logging Set: ASCII delimited with a file name: D:\TestData\TestData.DAT. Note that DAQFactory is running from: C:\DAQFactory\.

In the logging set setup, we moved all available Channels to the Channels to Log Table and set up the interval and delimiter in the Details tab. We then went to the Logging Set Summary and clicked Begin. The Status for the Logging set reads 'Running', but no file is generated and nothing is apparently being logged.

Seems simple, but we can't get it to work. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!


Additional Info/Example output:

Device1/Channel 1/COM4 - 
Tx (DateTime): GetMyData\13\10
Rx (DateTime): Date1,1,2,3,5

Device2/Channel 2/COM5
Tx (DateTime): GetMoreData\13\10
Rx (DateTime): Date2,8,13,21,34


Desired log from DAQFactory with $%$ (or other) as custom delimiter:


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It could be a number of things.  Any chance you could post or email us your ctl doc so I can see how you have things setup?

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Thanks for the response! Attaching our test .CTL file we've been playing with.

Here are a few things we've tried since the initial post, none of which have resolved the problem: Storing the log file to different drives and directories, different naming conventions, running DAQFactory as Admin.

Appreciate you taking a look!


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It worked fine for me when I changed the channels to Test channels.  One thing to note, while the logging set is running, DAQFactory keeps the file open.  Because of the way Windows caches to disk, it can appear that the file is getting no data until Windows writes the cache to disk.  If you quit DAQFactory, or change the logging file name, the file is closed and then the data logged can be viewed.

I also would not use Auto-Split files.  This is a largely deprecated feature.  If you want to split your files, put date specifiers in your file name.  So for example:


This would create a new file every hour.


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