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Anyone know why these components do not render? I can't see LED/switch/knob/etc components - they are all invisible. Tried adding them to a new page: nothing. Turned off transparency: nothing. Restarted DAQFactory: nothing. 

What can I do to get screen components working?

I'm using DAQFactory Base 5.87c Build 2050 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.




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DAQFactory did not install properly.  Those controls are handled through ActiveX controls and it appears those controls didn't get registered.  You can see the three files in the DAQFactory folder have the .ocx extension.  You can register them manually, but it is often easier just to reinstall.  Just make sure you are an admin when you install to ensure the installer can do the registration.

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Thank you! 👍 This is precisely correct and it was rather quick to fix from an Administrative command prompt:

cd C:\DAQFactory
regsvr32 iProfessionalLibrary.ocx
regsvr32 isAnalogLibrary.ocx
regsvr32 isDigitalLibrary.ocx


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