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I made the mistake of changing the Device Name of a serial device and consequently cannot launch Configure or Monitor for the associated port. I changed the name to distinguish it from a second serial device. Now I'm trying to resolve why the associated channels stopped updating with streamed data, but I can't even monitor the data stream or verify port configuration.

I tried restoring the original Device Name value, but the Configure/Monitor buttons still do not work. 

I tried deleting and re-creating the serial port, but the Delete button does nothing and the result is a "comport in use" error. 

Is there anything I can do to restore this serial device operation? I would really hate to delete channels and start over entirely. This is DAQFactory 5.87c 

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I"m not exactly sure what you did.  Deleting channels won't affect the available devices or ports.  Ports and devices are also separate, so if you can't access the device, that doesn't mean you can't access the port.  Just create a new device, and the port will appear as an option you can select and configure. 

There are exceptions, namely built in devices, and user devices.  Built in ones you can delete most of them by simply changing the extension on the associated .dds file.  The exception would be the LabJackM driver which is internal.  User devices (meaning ones with script) you can also delete by changing the extension on its .dds file.



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