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Streaming will continue, but everything else will stop.  This is because streaming is an asynchronous process controlled by the LabJack.  You would have to tell the LabJack to stop streaming yourself.   You could create a button to do this and then switch to safe mode by using the system.safeMode = 1

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Safe mode typically refers to a state in which certain functions or operations of a device or system are restricted or disabled to prevent potential issues or damage. In the context of Labjack acquisition and serial streams, it's not typical for these processes to continue running while the device is in safe mode.

However, the behavior can vary depending on how the safe mode is implemented in your specific setup. Some systems might have different levels of safe mode, where certain critical operations are stopped while others are allowed to continue.

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Thank you for the input.  The difference here is that the devices themselves, the LabJack and serial device, are not in safe mode.  Safe mode in this case is a DAQFactory feature.  Since streaming data, both from the LabJack and from asynchronous serial devices is controlled by the device and not DAQFactory, switching DAQFactory does not stop the data from coming in.

Safe mode in DAQFactory is largely designed to allow someone to load a document into a computer that does not have hardware and avoid all the errors that would be generated.  It is also designed to allow someone to load a document of unknown origin and check it for potential harmful script.  Safe mode in DAQFactory blocks outgoing serial comms, all the file based functions, and most scripts among other things.  Although it is called "mode", it is not really a mode that one typically switches into an out of.  Typically one will load a file in safe mode and work with it in safe mode, possibly coming out of it when hardware becomes available.  A working system is not typically switched into DAQFactory safe mode otherwise.

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