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Hi, i am trying to read and send some data via a new serial protocol. I have tried using a few samples elsewhere on the forum but i cant seem to prod the device as per the DAQ Factory serial guide.

I have so far got the comms setup and in the monitor i can send and see a TX entry but i don't get a response. Probably because the command i am sending isn't formatted correctly. More info on how it should be formatted is attached.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply. This probably shows my naivety here. I was simply trying to send the example commands from the manual i attached via the monitor windows. Such as..

01 02 01 EA E5 00 01 0F D0 04

But to no avail. Being a complete novice I should probably educate myself in serial protocols, CRC etc.

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After a bit of research (probably not enough) and some testing of another device that connects to the controller i think that the string below is correct including the CRC.

01 02 01 EA E2 00 23 17 04

I am putting     \x01\x02\x01\xEA\xE2\x00\x23\x17\x04    into the Monitor Output String but i am not seeing a response. Is my string formatted incorrectly?

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