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2Nd Instance Of Daqfactory

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Hi all

Until yesterday, my daqFactory application worked with a USB dongle.
my IT manager gave me a registration key for DaqFactory Pro and I successfully registered my version.
I have a problem however. When I launch Daqfactory the program informs me that there is probably another Daqfactory application that is running, 
and it recommends that I use the task manager to close the process that is running. 
The problem is that nothing is working when I closed DaqFactory, and I can't find any process belonging to DaqFactory in the working services. 
DaqFactory works under windows 10 Home it is connected to a labJack U12 USB and to a Me-UBre relay box.
Can you help me make this window disappear which a priori is not problematic but which is boring.


Thank you


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Certainly: go to File - Preferences and check the box that says "Disable 2nd Instance Check".  

This feature worked well in earlier versions of Windows, but has become an issue and will likely be removed in future releases of DAQFactory.

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