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I have a very similar problem like this link below:

The solution for this problem was:

execute("beginseq(" + myString + ")")

This way beginseq reads values of a poll.




I would like to do the same with

if (sequence.myString.running == 0)
      do something

Do you have any suggestions for the problem?

Thank you in advance!


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Certianly.  Use evaluate() instead of execute().  Execute() runs a string as a full statement (a complete line of script).  Evaluate() takes the string and evaluates it as an expression which returns a result.  It can't be used on its on.  So while you can do:


you can't do:


Instead, you use evaluate with other script on the same line that uses that result, so:

myVar = evaluate(myString)

or in your case:

if (evaluate("sequence." + myString + ".running") == 0)



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