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Hello everyone
I need to record the errors that DAQfactory reports in a plain text or file where an error history is displayed

Does daqfactory generate an error log file? but how can I create that file?

Thank you

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I'm having trouble creating an Onalert sequence per 5.28.

I created a script called OnChar. Inside I put  ? "OnChar Event " + char. This works

I created a sequence named Onalert . Inside I put ? "Alert was captured". This does nothing when I generate errors such as disconnecting the communications line.


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I'm not sure.  It works fine for me.  See attached (done in 19.1).  Note that the sample opens COM1 and attempts to communicate over Modbus.  Open in safe mode if you actually have something plugged into Com1.  Also, you can run "badsequence" which will also generate an alert.  OnAlert just prints "Alert" to the Command/Alert window and I see "Alert" appearing after every alert.


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