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So I have an application where there are 8 x fieldloggers where each unit is logging 12 x thermocouple data.

Ultimate goal is to be able to log live data coming through the fieldlogger. Logging will be in 30 second intervals for for 7 days periods (in rare cases up to 120 days).

Some important points are that the system plots to the system time so I can go back and view data at specific date and time in the graph. In addition, to view the graphing data on the web so anyone can view live readings from anywhere.

Can this be done through DAQFactory? If so please point me in the right direction to begin. I would Like to work with the express version until it is confirmed that this can be done.

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It can be done, though for live readings from anywhere you will need to use a web service such as DAQConnect.  Having remote people connect into your system directly creates all sorts of security challenges.  If all you want to do is collect and graph the data, you may be able to use DAQConnect exclusively, along with a DAQBridge.  The DAQBridge would be setup to poll the field loggers and push the data to DAQConnect where you can then keep historical and offer trends to multiple users.  No PC would be required.  This assumes your field loggers talk Modbus.  If they don't, you'd have to use DAQFactory on a PC instead of a DAQBridge.

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