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I have a  continuous process. To stop it for maintenance I use a button to activate a sequence which stops all running sequences and set to 0 all counters "general_stop.seq".

For some safety reason i'm searching to install a Yes/No validation to this action.

1: STOP button is pressed

2: A popup appear " The process will be definitively stopped. Do you want to continue?"

3: Two button "Yes" "No"

4: If you press "Yes" the button call the "general stop" sequence.

    If you press "No" the popup disappear and the running sequence continue.


Any idea to do this?







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Sure, use a Quick Sequence action and the system.messagebox() funciton.  Something like this:

private string in = system.messageBox("Are you sure?","YESNO")
if (in == "Yes")


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