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I am working on a new project and need to capture data from the Comm monitor after triggering the device to dump the data. I have two triggering options.

Option 1


Option 2



Is there any way I can capture the incoming data? The data will need to be loaded into an array. In total 94 values will be dumped.  

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Here is an example of the data that is generated from the device.

Tx: \001
Rx: \076\097\115\116\032\080\097\103\101\032\114\101\099\111\114\100\101\100\032\032\049\048\032\111\102\032\050\048\052\055\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013\078\111\032\068\097\116\097\032\010\013

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That is all ASCII data.  Uncheck the box in the monitor that says "Display ASCII chars as codes" and you will see.  To capture the data, just do a bunch of readuntil(10) commands until it times out, then stick the result of each into a string or wherever else you want.  I see multiple lines of ASCII data, so readuntil(10) will work a number of times, then when done it will time out.  If the response is always a certain number of lines, you can repeat readuntil(10) that many times in a for() loop, and then stop.

You should probably do a purge() before doing the write() to trigger the response.


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