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I have a table displaying selected contents of a 3d array (table_array). It's all numerical and if possible id like not to modify this array, just display it.

For one of the table columns, i would like the table to take the numerical value, say 0,1,2..  and display text from a look-up string array corresponding to those integers. Forother columns just display the numerical value as it is.

I initially thought just expression:  lookup_array[table_array[]]   but this obviously only displays one value in the table, i need to display all the rows of table_array but substituting the numerical value of each row for that column, with a string from the lookup array.

Any ideas? Cheers

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Then just create a little sequence that runs at low priority that fills a string array.  Something like:

global string labels

for (private i = 0, i < numrows(table_array), i++)
   labels = lookup_array[table_array]

Run it at priority 0 whenever you want to update and have the actual table display use the labels variable for that column.

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Yeah, I was hoping there might be a more elegant way to 'convert' the value dynamically with some fancy syntax in the expression because the table switches between displaying multiple depths of the array. I can make a separate 3d string array for display I suppose, it can just be generated when the array changes as it changes with a function call


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No, because you are asking it to subset an array based on an array of indices.  It would work fine for a single element, but not an array of elements.  I don't know your app, but I would consider just maintaining another string array parallel to the index array that is automatically updated whenever the index element changes.

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