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Using DaqFactory 17.1 build 2309 on


I have an issue with the Parse command. I have a sequence that has been operating for several years. Recently I upgraded the PC to Windows 10 which went smoothly and needed no changes to get the system operating. It performed well for a week or so  and then started to have issues with a Parse command. It is getting data from a serial port which supplies data in batches of four values. The input data is fine with four values that are separated by commas. Each value has either a + or - in front of it depending whether it is positive or negative.

Attached is a pdf showing the data as presented using system.messagebox.

As you can see the input string is fine. Using Parse(datain,0,",") works fine if the item required is requested. The problem is when using Parse with the second parameter as -1. The variable Data is declared as Private string Data

My real problem here is that the code using the line


has been operating correctly for years but suddenly stopped working creating errors.

I even commented that line out and re-typed it but got the same result. I can work around this by getting the values individually but it creates a lot more work.

Any help, most appreciated.


Parse issue.pdf

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Maybe, but I doubt it.  Something else must have changed that you are just unaware of.  Try 18.1 and see if it fixes it.  You can rename DAQFactory.exe to DAQFactory17_1.exe if you want to be able to go back. Just don't save your .ctl doc under 18.1.  (though really there is no reason not to upgrade...)

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