DaqFactory doing everything multiple times


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One of my DaqFactory systems which is running on Windows 10 periodically begins to do all jobs twice or three times. I have checked Task Manager to see if multiple copies of DaqFactory are running but there is only one copy in memory.

As examples of this, each day at 7am the system sends a series of people a status email - normally each person gets one message but today it has sent three message, all the same, all at the same time, looking at a Data Table it shows that there are two or three entries for each time stamp


. This happened a couple of months ago and the only fix was the shutdown DaqFactory and re-start.

Any ideas?




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Actually just discovered that DaqFactory is running multiple copies of sequences. 

We have a flow through instrument that looks at two different water sources. The system switches valves as to what water to analyse so I have a generic set of channels for the raw data which only gets one set of data at my chosen interval. I then have a sequence that puts the data from the generic channels into channels for WaterA or WaterB depending on which is being analysed - it is this script (plus others) that is running multiple times.

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