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I have one page with components which I write set channel, variables display. All variables looks like ABC01,02,03

I want to copy and paste these page to another and select all component and replace ABC to KLM.

Is there any way to make that?

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No, other than manually changing it.

I usually use objects in these cases, where the object contains the variables.  The objects are the same class, just instantiated twice and stored in variables, say "ABC" and "KLM".  Then I'd have a third variable called, say "CurrOb".  I'd have all the screen elements reference CurrOb, so CurrOb.V1, CurrOb.v2, etc.  Then I can simply assign whichever I want to currOb, so currOb = ABC or currOb = KLM to switch between the two.  That would eliminate any cutting and pasting.

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