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Is there a way to update a runtime the software version from Version 17.1 to 18.1?

I just finished a project made in Release 18.1 Build 2347. I installed a runtime license onto a machine with an old installation of DAQ Factory.

The ctl file made on release 18 won't open in the runtime machine, but an older ctl file opens and runs. I suppose if there is a way to save my file as an older version it might be a workaround,but different software versions on the same network is usually only headaches.


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Newer releases of DAQFactory will load documents created with older releases no problem.  The reverse is not usually true.  I would just update the Runtime machine to 18.1 by downloading the 18.1 trial and installing on top of the 17.1 installation.  You shouldn't need to do anything to the document for such a minor update, though I would still test the application.

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