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Good day

I am not a experienced DAQFactory user - I wrote a monitoring / analyzing program for a client four years back (2017). I used a development package I bought,  I think in 2013. (I also bough a hardware key in 2013)

In 2017, I also bought a runtime license that was never activated because the client paused the project. They now want to proceed. (In Africa things move slow!!)

I now want to transfer the development license onto my hardware key, and activate the runtime (for the first time) on the PC that will monitoring the process. When trying to do this, I get a message "Unknown error trying to access the hardware key"  I realize that may be an error outside DAQFactory, but will appreciate that if you had this problem before, that you may be able to guide me.

I deactivated all firewalls and security where possible, but the problem still exist. If needed, I don't mind posting this on your "Paid Support"  


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On 7/21/2021 at 9:58 PM, prospective said:

Thank you for the reply Guru - My hardware key do not have a light on the hardware key - its a short metal key. I will try the driver, thank you very much!

They all have a light, it is just a tiny light inside a hole on one side of the key.

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