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Is history an array or a log?

I ask because I want to copy history into an array so I have more control over it. Is it called history as log or array? I wish to copy it to an array so I can refer to the array that I control as a resource.


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The history of a channel is an array, except that it only accepts AddValue() for changing it.  So, you can't do myChannel[3] = 4, but you can do myChannel.addValue(4).  You can read from the channel using all the standard array functions / syntax, which includes simply copying the current history:

global chanCopy = myChannel


chanCopy = myChannel[0,999]


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So each channel has a separate history array? Three values, the record number, time and channel value? As it appears in the table of the channel?

If you make a group of channels, does that create an array of more columns to encompass them in one array? I am being a pest about this history thing. But it seems to be a powerful resource, if I can understand it fully.

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Yes, because each channel can have different timing, or different success rates communicating, they have to be independent.  It is actually just two values, time and channel value.  Record number is just the index into the array.  A group of channels is just an organization tool for the workspace (and helpful with channel.listall() or readGroup()).  That is all it is.  The channels are still independent of each other.

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