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Actually, the easier way is to use a single device and change which port and protocol it points to. Then you don't have to mess with the channels.  You'll need to precreate both a TCP and a serial port, setting the address / port # to 0 for the inactive one.  Then to change the port for a device, do:

device.myDevice.PortName = "mySerialPort"

Don't forget to disable the old port by setting its port # to 0 and calling initcomm() before doing this, and then enabling the new port by giving the correct port # to the new port and calling initcomm() on that.  So, something like:

device.myDevice.port = 0
device.myDevice.portName = "mySerialPort"
device.myDevice.port = 3

Next, to change the protocol:

device.myDevice.ProtocolName = "ModbusRTU"


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But, to answer your original question, you can change the device of a channel:

myChannel.strDevice = "Test Device"

When done, do:


which probably isn't needed but is required if you change timing. Still it is a good thing to do.

I would use channel.listAll("myGroupName") to get a list of all the channels in a particular group, then cycle through to update the device.  Something like:

private string clist = channel.ListAll("myGroupName")
for (private i = 0, i < numrows(clist), i++)
   execute(clist + ".strDevice = 'myNewDevice'")

This same pattern can be used to change any parameter of a channel, Timing being the most common.


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One more question...I have created, using the Quick Device Configuration, a Modbus TCP device.  In looking at what's tied to that, I see the Address and an AddressType.  What is the AddressType refer to (currently set to 2 for Modbus TCP but blank for Modbus RTU)?

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AddressType is not something you should change.  I don't remember why it is in there, probably for a very specific use case.  It actually refers to the socket itself, not the protocol.  It is ethernet port specific and won't appear if you have a serial port selected, as you probably did for RTU.  It has nothing to do with the protocol.

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