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New at this. Going crazy trying to get conditional colors of a Variable Value Component's background to behave as I want. All I want to do is have the background blue normally then go red when the value reaches a high threshold. I have, for instance, set the blue threshold to zero and the red threshold to 95. Problem is, when the value is between 0 and 95 both colors seem to be active and the background is purple. What am I missing?



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Yes, it automatically shades between values.  To make it do discrete colors just double up.  So, if you want it blue all the way to 95, then red from 95 up, set the blue threshold to 94.99 and the red one at 95.  If you wanted 3 colors, say, blue to 50, yellow to 95, and red above, you'd do blue 49.99, yellow 50, yellow 94.99 and red 95.  It is still technically shading from 50 to 94.99, but since both colors are the same, it results in just that color.  It is also technically shading from 94.99 to 95, but the range is so small you don't see it.  You can of course add more 9's to the end.


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OK. Now for a more complicated one. I have a tank level that needs multiple color transitions for lolo, lo, normal, hi, and hihi. Here's what I'd like to see, as the signal rises from zero:

Red 99.9 and below

Orange 100-102.9

Green 103-110.9

Orange 111-111.9

Red 112 and above

Having a little trouble getting my head wrapped around this.




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OK, so the color table would be:

Threshold     Color
99.9             Red
100              Orange
102.9           Orange
103              Green
110.9           Green
111               Orange
111.9            Orange
112               Red


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