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Hi Is their a way to monitor the connection status without viewing the workspace to see the icon? we've got a system sat on a VPN so when the connection is dropped all values pause until re-connected, it would be good to have a popup to indicate a loss of connection to the main DAQ server?



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Not directly.  But you can write a script that looks to see if the data is updating.  Just don't compare the data's time stamp with your system time as the clocks may drift.  The data will have the time of the remote.  Instead you need to write something to see if the time stamp has changed over some period of time.  Something like:

private lastTime = 0
   if (getTime(remote.mydata[0]) == lastTime)
      connectionFail = 1
      connectionFail = 0
      lastTime = getTime(remote.myData[0])


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