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I'm not sure if this will get you what you want, but on the running machine, instead of doing File - Save As, do File - Save As With History and save the file to a different name.  This will save the file just as normal, but also save all the accumulated history so you can play with that.  You'll also probably need to bypass the LabJack driver using the SetBypass() function described in 6.13 of the user's guide.

I personally use a registry variable when I have extra code to disable some feature or another when testing offline, something like registry.debug.  It is set to 1 on my machine, but usually not set at all (which means it defaults to 0) on the production machine.  Then I make sure any custom script for working offline is inside a check for that registry variable being 1.  This makes the application run one way on my development machine, and another way on the production machine without me forgetting to remove or reset script I added.

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