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I've got DAQ running on a PC with a runtime license and it suffered a power cut. When the PC boots back up I get an error of "License error occurred - Please contact technical support"

We tried uninstalling DAQ, deleting the DAQ folder and re-installing DAQ. We then tried re-entering the license by using the on-line and manual options but we get "Key not found" error. 

We're managing to run it as a 25 day trial at the moment but can anyone suggest what the problem is and how we can get it working back under the runtime license again?


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Please email us directly for any licensing issues as they can't really be discussed on an open forum.  Make sure and include your 15 letter key when you email.

Usually a "License error occurred" error means one of two things:

1) the license file got corrupted.  This is usually resolved using the technique you used, uninstall, delete folder, reinstall.   I believe you actually did resolve the issue, you just are having issues reinstalling the license, which often isn't required but appears to be in your case.

2) you started DAQFactory in a way that it can't find the license file installed in your DAQFactory folder.  This usually happens when you start DAQFactory by clicking on the .ctl document instead of using a shortcut to the DAQFactory .exe file itself, or the Run In folder is set wrong.  This possibility is much rarer and only usually happens when you either install another application that uses .ctl extensions for their documents, or you install two copies of DAQFactory on the same machine then uninstall the second copy, leaving Windows' association paths wrong.

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The correct way to start DAQFactory and load the .ctl doc in one step is described in 14.6 of the user's guide.  But essentially it is (for example):

c:\daqfactory\daqfactory.exe "c:\my folder\my document.ctl"

Personally I don't like putting spaces in my file names, but if you do, you have to include those quotes as I demonstrated.

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