Zeroing data with zeroPoint


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I have a test set-up with 3 lasers to measure the distance between the lasers and an object.

I want to measure the actual distance and also the change of distance over time. Therefore I want to zero the data of all three lasers.

I use 'zeroPoint' for this. I would expect that I can create three 'zeroPoints' (e.g. 1,2 and 3), one for each laser.

But it seems that I can use only one 'zeroPoint', meaning that the same value is subtracted from the data of all three lasers.

How can I set the zero for each individual laser?

Below is a screenshot of the page that is relevant (page 2).

I also attached the prototype of the DF application so it is hopefully more obvious what I am trying to explain here. 



Laser Kruiptest English v5.ctl

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You started to go down the right path, but didn't.  You need three variables, like the ZeroPoint1, ZeroPoint2, and ZeroPoint3 you declared in your SetGlobalZero sequence, which apply to each of the three lasers.  You created these and also ZeroPoint, but then used the same ZeroPoint variable for all three lasers.

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