Converting pdf problem

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The DAQFactory PDF generator only supports a basic set of WMF commands, basically the ones that are used by symbol factory.  Your WMF file uses some complicated ones, specifically:


which is probably what is being used to draw the parts that aren't showing up in the PDF.  You have a couple choices:

1) use a much more basic WMF drawing program.  Illustrator and other higher end vector apps tend to just always use the complicated drawing methods.  Simpler, often free, WMF editors tend to only use a small subset of the available commands, and typically the simpler ones.

2) PolyPolygon is basically a command that takes a bunch of vertices and creates a complicated filled shape.  So, recreate your logo using simpler shapes, namely lines, so that PolyPolygon isn't used.  The non-text part of the logo, for example, should be 8 separate lines, not grouped together as one.  Likewise, the text should be actual text, not shapes.  If you can't get the text to work, eliminate it from the image, and just use DAQFactory's text component to create the label.  As I mentioned, it is possible that your WMF editing app will use polyPolygon just to draw a straight line.  If that happens, you'll need to find a different WMF editor.


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