Labjack & Stepper Pulses

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I have a project with a Labjack T7 and a T4 operating a machine and collecting data. My client wants to add a stepper motor to the machine. I setup the labjacks on ethernet and the channels on DaqFactory are device type LabjackM, D# is and 204. How can i add a pulse output to one of my channels.


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We support a PWM output feature that runs continuously until stopped and a pulse output feature for a discrete number of pulses. For either feature you will need to do some configuration via a sequence in DAQFactory, or a startup configuration on the device. Also note that these features are only supported on certain FIO terminals for each device as described at the start of the feature documentation. Please see the following documentation:

If you wanted to set up the feature as a startup configuration, you could use the following guide to set the feature up in our Kipling software, then use the power up defaults tab in Kipling to save it as a startup configuration:

To do the configuration in a sequence, you can use the StartUp sequence in our LJM_Basic.ctl example as a starting point. You could remove the "AIN#_RANGE" LJM_eWriteName calls and add in your feature config calls. For example, to set the feature to pulse output on FIO0 (only valid on a T7) you would do make the following call:
LJM_eWriteName(identifier, "DIO0_EF_INDEX", 2)


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