How to get array of strings out of .log file


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I'm working with a SRI GC and peaksimple and I want to be able to read the data from the .log file outputted by the GC software (peaksimple) into daq factory

the basic format of the log file is that each experiment gets one line in the file, and it has some info about the experiment (date/time/name of run) that I want, and then the chemical name followed by the residence time (RT) and peak area for each chemical. Each element is separated by a tab (I attached the logfile so you can see it easier).

I would like to use ReadDelim to separate it out so I have an array that is formatted as such:

logArray  = {{'Run 1 name', 'Run 1 date', 'run 1 time', 'run1chemical1', 'run1RT1', 'run1Area1', 'run1chemical2', 'run1RT2', 'run1area2'...},{'Run 2 name' ...}, {'Run 3 name' ...} ...}


I've tried using this code: 

global string logArray
private handle = File.Open("c:\Peak489Win10\CH1.log",1,0,0,1)
logArray = File.ReadDelim(handle,0, chr(9), chr(10),0,1)

And I get an array that is {NaN, NaN, 330}. Is it possible to use file.readDelim to get an array of strings out? Do I have any alternatives? thanks



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